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How four nonprofits accelerated their missions through the cloud

Nonprofits of all sizes are looking to technology to help maximize shrinking resources. A growing number of companies are turning to the cloud to increase security and stability, reduce costs, and gain analytical tools that allow them to respond quicker and more effectively to needs. This eBook outlines the key benefits of moving to the cloud and points your customers to several offers and resources that can make the cloud more affordable, accessible, and relevant to your mission. View: How four nonprofits accelerated their missions through the cloud
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HPE GreenLake Explainer

The HPE GreenLake Explainer video walks through the main benefits of the HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud including its everything-as-a-service pay-as-you-go model. The video includes mentions of dozens of apps that are supported by HPE GreenLake to highlight its full potential.

Sign Here: How e-Signatures Make Sales Teams More Productive While Reducing Risks

Manual and paper-based sales processes can be costly and compromise productivity. They pose security and compliance risks and can frustrate customers. With paper processes, sales teams often spend valuable time waiting--on emails, phone calls, and approvals. And they waste valuable resources printing, scanning, and manually sending contracts back and forth. But with e-signature technology, sellers can make up for lost time and missed opportunities. Check out this article for more on how sales teams can minimize lag time, close deals faster, and manage multiple accounts securely and remotely. Read More...

Millennials Trade Benefits for Flexible Work Options

Graphic highlights a statistic showing that most millennials favor flexible work options over benefits.